The Young Alumni Club (YAC) is comprised of Oglethorpe alumni who have graduated within the past 10 years. The Planning Committee meets twice each year to program approximately 3-4 events throughout the year. Whether you just graduated or have been out of school for a bit, the OU Young Alumni Club is your connection today and in the future.


You can be a part of making the OU experience come true for future students by making a gift today. Whether you are giving for the first time, or you decide to give a little more than you have in the past, you’ll be making a profound impact! Our young alumni can give to the University in a number of ways. You can provide monthly funding for scholarships and student needs by becoming an OU Core Sustainer or a Young JEO! Or, simply make a one time gift today to a campus cause you are passionate about.

Remember every gift makes a difference and every donor matters, so give today! To find out more about the ways young alumni can give back, click here.

You can get involved at a higher level by volunteering to be a YAC Committee member so that you can help plan the Club's direction. If you would like to see a list of Committee benefits and responsibilities, click here.


Otherwise, update your information (including your Reunion Year under the Oglethorpe Degree tab), sit back and get ready to be invited to all the fun!

Current YAC President
Stephen Johnson '18

Current YAC Planning Committee
Alex Attebery '16
Caroline Chamberlain '19
Emmanuel Brantley '15
Emily Christian '16
Lisanne Edelman '14
Brad Firchow '19
Dylan Harper '19
Kathryn Henderson '17
Kiana Lawrence '16
Miranda Lynch '17
Ruwa Romman '15
Frankie Vascimini '16



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