Employee Giving

Our connections with students are the driving force behind our service in preparing them for a meaningful life while at Oglethorpe and beyond. Whatever your passion may be, your support is critical to OU’s growth and advancing the university’s mission.

Show your support for OU students by making your gift today on a credit card or through payroll deduction. Supporting students is easy. Click one of the buttons below.

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Participation is important. Read why from our ambassadors below. You can also check out our FAQs page to learn more about giving at Oglethorpe.

Dr. Lynn Gieger, Professor of Mathematics
Length of OU service: 19 years

Why she gives:
An annual gift helps us to set institutional priorities that are focused on student success. When I give, it feels like I am investing my time and my money in what really matters—our students.

Impact of giving:
Regardless of the size, a gift represents an individual’s connection to and investment in our community. When you think of it that way, 500 people who each give $20 is worth “more” than one person who gives $10,000, because the latter represents the investment and connection of so many more people.

You do not need to give until it hurts ... you should give until it feels good.
Dr. Seema Shrikhande, Professor of Communication Studies; Manning M. Pattillo Professor of Liberal Arts; Director of the Honors Program
Length of OU service: 22 years

What she values most about Oglethorpe:
Most of all, I appreciate the opportunity to work closely with students and to watch them grow intellectually into confident and capable young people. I enjoy my colleagues who are smart, interesting, and fun people.

Why she gives:
I know we serve students through the work we do; this is a different opportunity to do that. It also helps external funders see how much support the university gets from faculty and staff. It is another way to connect to the university and feel like you are contributing to its mission.

Every setback, every mistake is something to learn from.
Clara St. Urbain Robertson ’14
Length of OU service: 1.5 years

Her inspiration to participate:
It is so rewarding to give back to the institution that gave me so many opportunities during my four years as a student and now as a staff member. I love knowing that I am making an immediate impact to the programs that helped me grow as a student. From the Booster Club (shoutout to Women’s Soccer) to the Annual Fund and OU’s greatest need, I know that my giving makes a difference.

Why should others participate:
We give students the help we know they need every day in our offices and classes (virtually for now) but through efforts like the Student Emergency Assistance Fund, we can help make sure our students who may be struggling in other ways get the books they need, graduate, and continue to be successful.

What she values about Oglethorpe:
Oglethorpe is special because the faculty, staff, and community are unique and so committed to our students. Even though campus has changed and grown, it always feels like home.
Dr. John C. Nardo, Associate Provost, Interim Dean of HSB, Professor of Mathematics
Length of OU service: 21 years

Thoughts on being involved/connected to campus:
Oglethorpe is a very special place, and I am honored to have made it my academic home. Being a part of the transformational effect of our liberal arts education is why I became a professor and why I serve as an administrator. The true measure of success in these posts is the small part you play in helping students realize their dreams.

Why should others give:
I understand money is a difficult subject in the best of times at OU – much less during a pandemic. However, as a mathematician, I will say that employee gifting is about a percentage more than it is about a raw dollar amount. Give any non-zero amount, and you are counted as a donor for OU. That will increase our percentage giving rate and help us win grants and other gifts.

None of us is perfect – myself included. But we try to learn from our mistakes and show the resilience we demand of our students.
Dr. Marisa Atencio, Assistant Dean of Students & Director of Global Education
Length of OU service: 2 years

What she values about Oglethorpe:
When I chose to move to Oglethorpe in 2018, I was drawn to membership in a community of educators who seek to bring together students from a wide range of academic, economic, and demographic backgrounds to pursue an education in order to Make a Life. Make a Living. Make a Difference. I see the community’s commitment on individual attention and student mentorship. Oglethorpe has the potential to leverage this commitment to encourage everyone to engage in individual and collective efforts focused on equity in our educational community.

Why should others give:
I know that participating in the annual giving campaign, at any level, is critical to reaching students who require support to address financial barriers and achieve their academic and personal goals. Participating in annual giving is one low stakes and high impact action.

Fun fact:
I am a passionate and vocal learner often labeled as “intense.” I have grown to see intensity as my strength to identify and relentlessly pursue the changes I want to see in the world. In that way I also connect with Oglethorpe’s motto “Nescit Cedere.”
Chris Summers ’03, Director of Financial Aid
Length of OU service: 12 years

How Oglethorpe inspired him:
I entered college shy and introverted, content to focus on the people, places, and interests with which I was already familiar. I left college with a much greater desire to explore the unknown and consider different perspectives.

Why he chooses payroll deduction to give:
Ease of use: with a regular payroll deduction, I’ve already supported OU by the time I’m turning my attention to other bills.

Fun fact/philosophy:
As an OU alumnus, I’ve always somewhat selfishly been motivated by the fact that my work has an impact on the value of my degree, my wife’s degrees, my sister’s degree, and the degrees of several friends. The better we do, the more valuable our degrees become.
Dr. Janelle Pham, Assistant Professor of Sociology
Length of OU service: 3 years

Her thoughts on participating in giving:
I see annual giving as an additional way to support the OU community - in particular, its students. While my particular level of giving is not as grand as others, I think it symbolizes a commitment to the success of our students, and support for their endeavors beyond what we provide in a classroom setting.

Why should others participate:
I think it is a way to affirm a commitment to our students, and to address their needs both within and outside of the classroom.

What she values about OU:
I went to a small liberal arts college, and so I know what it is like to attend a school where you have the opportunity to form close relationships with professors, staff, and other classmates. I value these relationships, and I think there is a lot of value in having a smaller community in which to dialogue with people who are unlike ourselves. I think it is a microcosm of what students will encounter when they leave here, and in that regard it's valuable.